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Throughout 2016, I was working with OpenUI5 as part of a team building various shop floor applications. The motivation to write the UI5 User Guide stems from the experiences gained in these projects, especially the process of finding common ways of handling typical issues. Exploring the depths of UI5, we repeatedly found the need to refactor the whole code even at an early stage after discovering how to proceed on a better path than we previously thought.

I finally decided to write this book after realizing that UI5 can actually be very convenient to build responsive datacentric client user interfaces. The main goal is to teach you, the reader, how to use UI5 efficiently to build high quality user interfaces. The book does not cover all of UI5, or even most of it. Instead the focus is on practical solutions for specific tasks.

Writing the book was more work and took much longer than expected. In retrospect, that is not surprising, given that I went through the process for the first time. I was very lucky to have John T. H. Dobson support me as editor. He made the book much better by persistently pointing to deficiencies and inconsistencies.

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Book description

UI5 User Guide front cover

The UI5 User Guide gets the reader started quickly with UI5 development. Step by step, it shows how to develop a basic client web application, introducing concepts and flow of developing with UI5 along the way. You can use the resulting application as a template for any serious UI5 application.

The book is further divided into three parts:

If you are interested in finding out how UI5 works, or if you have to work with UI5 in your projects, this book is for you.

Online resources

You can preview the Preface and an example chapter Building a basic responsive web application.

The source code for all the listings in the book and instructions to run them are available at GitHub

You can also download the listings code as a zip archive or a tarball.

Table of Contents download pdf

Preface (download pdf)
Building a basic responsive web application (run code / browse code / download pdf)
Part I: Basics of UI5 development
Views and Pages (run code / browse code)
Navigation and Routing (run code / browse code)
User Permissions
Events and Messages (run code / browse code)
Lists and Tables (run code / browse code)
Forms and Input Validation (run code / browse code)
Part II: Providing and using metadata for domain entities
Entity specifications: Mapping
Request Handling (run code / browse code)
Custom Data Objects (run code / browse code)
Form Control Generation (browse code)
Part III: Building an example application (browse code)
Beginning application development
Edit Order page
Edit Address view
Write user interface tests
Automate development tasks with Grunt