Custom applications tailored to your needs and conditions

Software is supposed to help you get tasks done in a practical and reliable way. But software 'products' are often quite intrusive and assertive. As a user you are forced to adjust to the flow and requirements of the software. Instead, software should be developed according to your preferences and workflow.

The development of custom applications, tools and components depends upon effective communication and continuous collaboration of users and developers. Incremental development and continuous delivery allow aberrations to be detected early, so that subsequent readjustments can be carried out to correct them.

Who knows better than the employees on their workstations what helps them get their work done easier and what reduces the rate of error? Who knows better about their data requirements than the staff of the various departments themselves? Who knows better than the IT-staff how to optimize the use of in-house capacities and competences? How critical is a particular software for your organization or company and which data are particularly sensitive? How can different internal and external IT-resources and services best be integrated?

Bringing together the competences of all concerned persons into the development process is the key to successful software. Using a software for work is always quite different from envisioning or exploring it. Problems and deficits become obvious, which haven't been adequately considered before.