Confidential communication and data integrity require continuous encryption

If you want to at least have some confidence in the confidentiality of your digital communication, the transported data need to be continuously encrypted. That applies to text messages as well as voice streams. Likewise, the integrity of critical data can only be protected through encryption, both in storage as well as during transport.

Apart from algorithms, the crucial aspect of encryption is control over the keys. Private communication is best protected with the use of private key pairs, one public to encrypt, the other private to decrypt. The user is responsible and takes control. Organizations and companies need an application to manage keys and related access rights.

Access restrictions are only as good as the weakest point of enforcement. The interest to have access to all information anywhere and from many devices conflicts with data integrity requirements. The costs to protect your systems and communication need to be put in relation to the gains of having easy access.

Companies have traditionally counted on a firewall to protect their intranet from external threats. This approach is increasingly being undermined by the trend to outsource capabilities to external service providers and the use of private digital devices for occupational communication.

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